Bridget Samuels


University of Maryland, 2010
  • Linguistics 322 - Phonology II [Spring 2010; instructor]
  • Linguistics 419E - Topics in Syntax: The Syntax/Phonology Interface [Fall 2010; instructor]

Harvard University, 2008-2009
Derek Bok Center Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, Fall 2008 & Spring 2009
  • Linguistics 88 - Language & Cognition [head teaching fellow]
  • Linguistics 97r - Major Themes in the Generative Era [instructor]
  • Linguistics 98a - History of Linguistics [instructor]
  • Social Analysis 34 - Knowledge of Language [teaching fellow]

I was fortunate to supervise several excellent undergraduate researchers on experimental projects and the preparation of my book manuscript while at Maryland. A number of the students I mentored at Harvard and Maryland are now in top MPhil and PhD programs across North America and Europe.